Global MIL Week 2018

What if your transportation system, health care system, local government authority, entertainment industry, and other city actors, all become social drivers and spaces of informal learning on MIL and without much effort on your part?

Amidst the present outcry about disinformation, privacy and data protection, there are silent great waves of opportunities provided by today’s complex information and communication landscape. These include the waves of opportunities for diversity of voices, social engagement, lifelong learning dialogue, tolerance, countering hate and promoting peace.

Global MIL Week 2018 acknowledges the challenges and equally seeks to unlock the sounds of these great waves of opportunities causing them to roar as great waves should. Global MIL Week will take place this year from 24 to 31 October. Its aim is to put critical thinking and people’s empowerment through MIL on the international development agenda as well as on the agenda of cities.