First report from Pyrgos

The Media education Centre Team (Sonja, Tara i Nadja) participate on the Olympia and Camera Zizanio Festivals in Pyrgos, Greece. This is first short report :)

1) Chilling with our new friends in front of the conference buy cipro online no rx centre Nomarxia on the sun…20151202_114234
2) Free oranges on the way ?
20151128_1522583) Na?a is shooting her first movie?image-f3851a4c62652f1c05d8dd563222d8aa3dde2698ac0cdf164d862e87f8c99271-V

4) On the top of the KatakoloFotografija0218

5) I’m a mother ?Fotografija0216
6) Finally, we are famousimage-87d3a8ff8e4dcdd829a6873ece5b386133bd0aaf8350e424aed190a8d2753994-V