Letter from Evelyn

Short evaluation of the Summit and expectation for 10th Summit:


The 9th International Youth Media Summit was a true Celebration of Youth Voices. 78 delegates from 22 countries shared their talents of not only filmmaking and animation, but singing, dancing, musical instruments, painting and fashion design. In addition to their artistic talents, they shared stories from their countries and their lives with each other. This Summit saw a large representation from the Middle East – Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and Palestine. See Summit’s Summary


Most of these people have neither the permission nor opportunity to talk with each other, discover each other’s cultures, talk about their fears and dreams for the future. But at the Summit they talked not only order levaquin with each other, but with people from all over the world. This “border jumping” was one of the most powerful, enduring achievements of the 9th Summit. Living, working, eating, playing together – and talking, even after the Summit ended – provided a firm foundation of friendship. We have seen Summit collaborative projects, most notably between the various Balkan countries, demonstrate how to turn former enemies into people who can work together to make the world a healthier, more just and peaceful home. I’m sure the 10th Anniversary Summit in Belgrade will continue the momentum from the previous years and involve ever greater numbers of young people in this important international work.


Evelyn Seubert
President, IYMS