Incredible People who can get to know each other!

Danube Peace Boat 2016
Photo Essay by Stephan Olensky, Participant from Austria
Incredible People who can get to know each other!



From the 25th July to 7th August I was given the opportunity to participate in the Danube Peace Boat Project. I, for myself didn’t know in the beginning what the whole thing was about. Therefore I was pretty overwhelmed when I realized I had to choose a theme for a project I had to realize over the two weeks. As I am interested in photography I decided to do a photo series. I tried to combine different styles, angles, image sections and still remaining a story line in each collage.



Moreover the main topic of all pictures is the Danube Peace Boat Project. Two pictures symbolize what I think is the ideological Idea behind the Peace online pharmacy no rx Boat, no matter where we are all the same, or at least there will be things who are the same. However I still tried to capture that things can and cannot be the same at the same moment.




Danube and Grass

Some other pictures should show the effect off the project on the participants. The project makes it possible for the participants to live and experience cultures, history and art in an unbelievable touchable way. In the end I also made to collages which first seem to be total nonsense but they should summarize one very important part of the journey: The huge amount of joy, fun and happiness it can create through all the incredible people who can get to know each other.







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