Background Document on National MIL Policies and Strategies in Serbia

Table of Content:

I. Purpose of the Background Document
II. Brief introduction of how is MIL conceptualized in this document
III. Toward a development framework (context) for MIL policies and strategies in Serbia
IV. An Overview of MIL in Serbia
IV.1. Policy Action – MIL in relevant policies and other strategic documents
IV.2. Other Actions – MIL in formal, non-formal education, role of different governmental and non-governmental actors on MIL
V. Suggested national MIL policy statements that should guide strategic development
VI. A framework for national MIL strategies in Serbia
VII. Roadmap to MIL Development
VIII. References

I. Purpose of the Background Document

The Background document aims to offer policy and strategic framework of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) development in Serbia based on an overview analysis of MIL related policies and practice based on UNESCO MIL Policy and Strategy Guidelines. The purpose is to create a starting point for the discussions that will be held during national consultations on national MIL policies and strategies in Serbia. National consultations are organized to enable a cross-sector debate on MIL in Serbia and initiate the process of creating specific policy recommendations on integrating MIL in the formal, non-formal, and informal education system for different stakeholders.

From Background Document to the Position paper

Upon discussions, recommendations and feedback gathered during the process of national consultations in cooperation with all MIL stakeholders, this Background Document will be developed into Position Paper on MIL in Serbia. The Position Paper will reflect and present specific multi-stakeholder policy and strategy recommendations on MIL enhancement and development in Serbia. All document you can find HERE:

Background document on MIL in Serbia.ENG

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