Danube Platform will be main tool, meeting point, space and place for:

• Coordination, communication and management of the Project will be easy approachable, transparent, user friendly application for discussion, decision and delivery of responsibility during the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the Project (necessary to login);
• All outcomes collection, library and archive with all digital educational outcomes, participants and registered user (necessary to login) will be on the “online school” part of the Platform;
• For all interested guests and visitors Platform will create special space “Exhibition Wall”, with great design dedicated to young visitors, user friendly and with intuitive applications. For this part of Platform login will be not necessary.

The Danube Peace Boat 2016-2020 Digital Educational Network will work ideally as a non-typical network consisted by an international group of digital and educational experts and professionals, teenagers and their teachers, educators and new ICT practitioners who will setup high standards of the Platform, learning, digital producing and evaluating strategies.

5XI Platform
Digital Tools