UN Initiative – International Patriotic Committee

Joint statement advocating the drafting of the International
Patriotic Convention and the establishment of the United
Nations’ International Patriotic Committee

Patriotism is the highest universal value in the world and the deepest and most enduring emotion in the world. Governments and non-governmental organizations in every country are vigorously advocating for it, and ordinary and ordinary people in various countries are actively responding and practising it. Loving the hot land of raising oneself and enjoying a free, harmonious, and peaceful living environment is a common happiness experience for people all over the world.

However, due to the selfishness and greed of human nature, some extremely inflated elites of hegemonic countries, while the people of most countries study, work, live in peaceful environments, develop themselves, Seeking Harmony in the World, greedily target the land and resources of other countries, extend the evil “claws” to other countries. Publicly holding strong, bullying weak, burning, killing, and looting. Build the wealth accumulation of one’s own country on the plunder, occupation, and bullying of weak, poor, and backwards developing countries. Since its establishment 78 years ago, the United Nations has made immortal contributions
to the maintenance of international peace and security and the sustainable development of
humanity. However, conflicts and wars between countries, nations, religions, and religions
continue to occur today. The reason for this is simply that everyone narrow-minded “loves”
their own country, blindly and greedily striving for the maximum “gain” for the interests of
their own country.

Looking back at human history, at different times in each country, there have been a man-
made disasters where individuals with ulterior motives deceived the people in the name of
“patriotism” in order to achieve personal political “ambitions” or “personal gain”, invaded
the territory of other countries subverted their regimes, created divisions, and led to social
unrest. There are countless examples of invading other countries’ territories, overthrowing
their regimes, plundering their resources, and slaughtering local civilians to create human
disasters due to their “love for their own country”. Modern, modern times and contemporary examples are even more vivid and unbearable.

As citizens of the Earth, the goal of “patriotism” for the people of each country is to “promote national prosperity, social peace and stability, and the harmony and tranquillity of their living environment”, rather than any pretext of “war, division, turbulence, and disaster”. The patriotic concept of loving one’s own country and not sacrificing the interests of other countries is a consensus around the world.

On September 19, 2022, the Shaanxi Patriotic Volunteer Association proposed at the 14th meeting of the 51st United Nations Human Rights Council on “International Order”, calling on the United Nations to draft an “International Patriotic Convention” and establish the “United Nations International Patriotic Committee“. We have received joint initiative letters from 21 non-governmental organizations from 16 countries (12 with special consultative status, 1 with roster status, 2 recognized by OSAA, and 6 legally registered non-governmental organizations from other countries). We unanimously believe that the patriotic concept of “loving one’s own country and not sacrificing the interests of other countries” is a global consensus, a concept that every country should recognize, and an international patriotic concept that the United Nations should actively promote. Therefore, 17 non-governmental organizations from 14 countries jointly launched an initiative: I hope that the United Nations, including the Human Rights Council, countries around the world, international institutions, and non-governmental organizations, join us in launching initiatives to draft the United Nations’ International Patriotic Convention, establish the United Nations’ International Patriotic Committee, maintain political stability and a peaceful, peaceful, and harmonious living environment for people around the world, and build a new world peace order.