Why Rotary? Why Rotaract?

Since 2014, Media Education Centre through Danube Peace Boat Project use film and all media to document best practices inside of schools and out – with a special emphasis on the ways that today’s gadgets and applications are used by young people to produce digital media, collaborate, and more actively engage in social and civic life:

Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E. will be composed of two parts:
International Conference (30th of July to 3rd of August) and
DANUBE PEACE BOAT 2018 (30th of July to 12th of August)

  • Digital, Information and Media Models for Educational Revolution
  • Traveling, Source for Cultural Discovery of the Danube River Region, Europe and The World
  • Information Literacy Workshop for Peace, Global Education, Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue.
  • Learning about Heritage, Environment, Sustainable Development, Human Rights.
  • Interactive, Innovative and Inclusive Traveling Classroom.

In cooperation with RC Stari Becej, from Vojvodina, Serbia (RD 2483) and their friendly Rotary Network Media Education Centre decided to include actively Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors in the Promotion of the New Models of Partnership in 21st Century with focus on the Interfaith, Intercultural, Interactive and Inclusive Dialogue and Global Citizenship Education for Sustainable Development.

Why Rotary? Members of the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs around the Planet are in excellent Public-Private-CSO Coalition (because the members are from all sectors of Society) and for Rotarians id CREDO to promote Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibility.

We think that Rotary has to be EXAMPLE for New Models of Partnership we are promoting and that Danube Peace Boat Platform has to be the place for Exchange and Recruitment for both Networks.

In the Danube Peace Boat our goal is to include Rotarians, Students (High School and University, 14-24 years), their Professors, Mentors and trainers in the New Educational Process of exchange Experience, Knowledge and Skills we need to create consensus of joint promotion of some of the important elements for activities of the CSO organization in our Strategic Network in connection with Digital, Information, Media and Peace Literacy:

  • Cultivating New Generation of Educators;
  • Put to the focus on Education Traditional, Cultural and Natural Heritage of every Country;
  • Wakeup Interest and Motivation for development of the Responsible and Sustainable Educational and Promotional Cooperation;
  • Create Platform for Promotion of New Models of Digital Pedagogy and Education, Creative Tourism, Green and BioTechnologies, Alternative and Renewable Sources of Energy, Life Long Learning…
  • Partnership to be a tool for Promotion Inclusion, Reconciliation and Peace, Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Understanding.

Danube Peace Boat Education and Training concept „Travel, Source for Cultural Discovery“ is the creative interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds willing to learn how to use truthful media languages appropriately in a way that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of different cultures. Our workshop is beginning of the Creation of the Coalition for Social Responsible Cohesion. We will continue to build strong intercultural and interfaith models for communication and cooperation for Sustainable Living, Intercultural Dialogue, and Interfaith Understanding.

During our Traveling Classroom, after the Conference, with all participants, students, and teachers from many countries, we will work on:

  • Giving by Teaching! Teach, Learn and Love It!
  • Release the Creative Traveling Genius and
  • Intelligent Leadership – how to bring out the Best in Yourself and Others, Self-Learning Strategies – how to Becoming an Autonomous Learner-Prosumer and how to produce and share Media Literacy for Digital Didactic outcome.

Why would we like to invite Rotaractors to participate in the Conference too? Because it is conceptually related to the mission of RI and because will be a pleasure for all of us to dedicate one part of the Conference to Rotary. Please find below some information about Conference:

The concept of the Conference:
Role of the Civil Society Organization in 21st Century

  • Promotion of the new models of Education for 21st Century with the special focus on the role of the Digital, Information, Media and Peace Literacy as tools for new faster and more effective educational process
  • All elements for the development of the Peace, Global Education, Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue
  • Interactive, Innovative and Inclusive Traveling for Education, Peace and Sport
  • Role of Strategic Networks in the promotion of the Private-Public-CSO coalition for social, economic, civic and environmental responsibility